Cheerfulness and Sunny Christianity

19 Apr

I just love the words of a nineteenth century Christian author on cheerfulness. They remind me I need to grow in this sphere but God is near to help me, and, as in everything health its PRACTICE that makes perfect =)

Look For the Positive!

“Life is what we make it, and we shall find what we look for… if we look on the bright side of things, we shall find enough to make us cheerful and happy”

“It is the duty of everyone to cultivate cheerfulness instead of brooding over sorrow and troubles… While grief and anxiety cannot remedy a single evil, they can do great harm…”

“A hearty, willing service to Jesus produces a sunny religion. Those who follow Christ the most closely have not been gloomy…”

On Dealing With Children:


“Smile, parents; smile, teachers. If your heart is sad, let not your face reveal the fact. Let the sunshine from a loving, grateful heart light up the countenance…”

“If parents would educate their children to be pleasant, they should never speak in a scolding manner to them. Educate yourself to carry a pleasant countenance, and bring all the sweetness and melody possible into your voice…”

 “The mother should cultivate a cheerful, contented, happy disposition. Every effort in this direction will be abundantly repaid in both physical well-being and the moral character of her children. A cheerful spirit will promote the happiness of her family and in a very great degree improve her own health” (Chapter Seventy Cheerfulness)


me and God’s creature I love

18 Apr

me and God's creature I love